" 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' by Roald Dahl...

Book Reviews

June 28, 2000

" 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' by Roald Dahl is about a flying, giant elevator. When it picks up speed, Charlie, Willy Wonka and everyone else inside goes hurtling through space and time."

-- Kiara Cooper, Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary

"I like 'Henry and the Paper Route' by Beverly Cleary because it is a book about something that could really happen. I like Henry, because he always goes to the dog and also gets into trouble. I think you will like this book."

-- Kevin O'Neil, Seneca Elementary

"I recommend 'Sideways Stories from the Wayside School' by Louis Sachar. Wayside School was built 30 stories high with one classroom on each floor."

-- Allison Brohawn, Fulton Elementary

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