New York-based site lets users vent about everyday irritations

June 26, 2000|By Paul D. Colford | Paul D. Colford,NEWSDAY

Weekend beachgoers on Long Island, N.Y., have been seeing a biplane pulling the scowling face of and its banner-length slogan, "Don't Get Mad. Get Angry." Accepting that invitation will take the visitor to a playful new Web site, based in New York, that wants to license to other sites and businesses its underlying interactive technology.

A survey on on recently asked: "Do mothers-in-law deserve their horrible reputation?" By 3 p.m., 50 percent of the respondents had voted, "No, a mother-in-law provides much-needed advice and support." Elsewhere on the site, visitors were sounding off on the appropriateness of interoffice dating, and Howard Stern led as the hottest morning radio host in New York among 1,540 respondents.

CEO Russell Sarder got the idea for the site a few years ago when he saw the need for a place where people could vent about everyday irritations, such as baseball telecasts' not posting the score of a game often enough.

As a result, sports is among 13 categories on the site where a user can participate in surveys ("Would you like to see more televised coverage of extreme sports?"), initiate surveys of their own, or call up related syndicated content, such as the latest sports news.

In targeting what Sarder called "emotion-based demographics," hopes to attract not only advertising, but also appropriate sponsorship deals.

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