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June 19, 2000|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

I am having big troubles moving some very big word processing files from my old computer onto an IBM Aptiva with Windows 98 installed. Do I need a Zip Drive? I have just a floppy and a CD drive.

Instead of a $150 Zip drive, you can use for free a piece of shareware called WinZip 8.0 to crunch that fat word processing file small enough that you can copy it to a floppy on the old computer and then move it to the new one.

WinZip can squeeze certain files (particularly straight word processor documents) into 10 percent of their original size, allowing a floppy to carry huge amounts of data. WinZip even allows users to span files over multiple floppies.

Log on to and get an evaluation copy. You can pay the $30 registration fee if you decide you must have it.

My computer has quit printing maps from the Internet. It prints all of the information, including the directions, but it does not print any part of the map.

Press Control+P for print with the browser running, then click Properties, then Image Options to check your printer's settings regarding brightness, contrast and such. There is a good chance the brightness setting is wrong and the computer is not ordering the printer to pump out ink for the yellow used by for those map pictures.

If that doesn't do the trick, change your browser's printing settings by clicking on Tools/Internet Options, then Advanced, and scroll to Print. If a box labeled Print Background Colors and Images is not checked, change it while printing maps.

Do you know of any Windows program comparable to Scrapbook, which is built into the Macintosh control panel? I use Scrapbook frequently and find it convenient for storing graphics.

My candidate for best Windows equivalent of Apple's superb Scrapbook is MultiMedia Explorer 2.0 by Moon Software Inc. (

Scrapbook and MM Explorer run in the background while you use a word processor or other program and allow you to quickly retrieve photos, sounds, movies or animations from elsewhere on your computer and paste them into the work at hand.

MM Explorer is far more ambitious. It offers slide shows of photos, conversions among graphics formats and such file management features as batch rename and the ability to tag groups of files for moving or deletion. At $25 it's a bargain - but that's $25 that Mac owners don't have to spend.

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