Be a 4Kids Dectective

June 14, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

What's the main food source for the snail kite?

The Why Files explains that amber is made of what?

Name the geyser in the story "My Trip to Yellowstone."


Bird lovers unite! From the short-tailed hawk to the elf owl, the Audubon Adventures WatchList for Kids is dedicated to saving at-risk and endangered birds on the brink of extinction. Fly away to and get the lowdown on the future of your feathered friends. The site has information on many birds, such as the trumpeter swan, the red-headed woodpecker and the seaside sparrow.


Our story begins in a place where imagination rules and kids come first. What will happen to the main character in today's tale? You should know, because you're it at Sears' Storybook Station Settle in and open your storybook at and begin. It's easier than instant pudding. Type in your name and some things you like to do, and the next thing you know, you're traveling back in time to a one-room country schoolhouse or tricking monsters in a spooky Halloween story. You can also create letters for your parents or grandparents.


Why do cows go mad? Why do tornadoes often touch down in the Midwest? What triggers asthma? Understanding the science behind these questions is what the Why Files is all about. From space travel to genetically modified foods, this site covers subjects on biology, social science, health and more. Surf out to Check out the Sports Spectacular section devoted to the Olympics.

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