How could The Sun neglect to mention D-day's...


June 13, 2000

How could The Sun neglect to mention D-day's anniversary?

June 6 was the anniversary of probably the most important day in the history of the United States and the world: D-Day, the World War II invasion of Europe.

However, the calendars must have been turned to the wall in The Sun's offices. Where was the recollection of the incredible courage and deeds of our young men as they suffered and died on the beaches of Normandy?

Instead, we were presented, in detail, with the saga of Ray Lewis as he plead his way out of justice.

Deborah G. Adams

Ellicott City

As I looked through The Sun on June 6 I was beside myself with incredulity that there was not one comment, reference, opinion or story that cited D-Day, the 1994 invasion of Normandy.

I find The Sun's oversight of this event appalling.

Although I have become accustomed to the paper's left-leaning opinions (with which fewer and fewer people agree), the lack of attention to this historic event is completely unacceptable.

Many men sacrificed their lives to defeat Hitler and secure liberty for millions of Europeans.

The ranks of surviving World War II veterans are dwindling rapidly; we will not be able to thank them personally much longer. We should not squander any opportunities to do so.

I expect more from the only major newspaper in Baltimore.

Jay M. Pertuso

Port Deposit

Athletes must be held to a higher standard

I think the saddest commentary of all on of the Ray Lewis verdict was a quote from Ravens owner Art Modell: "If every player who is charged with a misdemeanor in the NFL was suspended, we'd be playing with four-man rosters ("Probation for Lewis after plea," June 6).

That about sums up the character of our so-called sports heroes, with their inflated egos, inflated salaries and overrated athletic abilities.

Children look up to these sports superstars. And when they break the law and the punishments are merely fines, (which they have no trouble paying with their inflated salaries) and probation, just what message is being sent to our youth?

I am a teacher and teachers are often considered role models. But somehow, I don't think my job would be waiting for me if I had committed the same crime that Ray Lewis did.

But the good news is that my principal wouldn't have to make the same statement about teachers that Mr. Modell made about National Football League players.

Barbara Blumberg


Rising unemployment is no cause for celebration

The Sun seemed to celebrate the rise in the jobless rate as a cause for stocks to rise ("Jobless rate in U.S. rises to 4.1 percent," June 3).This says something about stock buyers.

Certainly the people unemployed did not and do not celebrateRichard L. Lelonek

BaltimoreFocus on controlling behavior, not guns

The recent letter "To Stop Gun Violence" ( June 3) called the Million Mom March "a great start." The march's emcee, Rosie O'Donnell, has made a great start, too: Her security team has applied for a gun permit.

While we mourn the tragic loss of life, there is no such thing as gun violence - somebody pulled the trigger.

Maybe we can get somewhere when we focus on behavior, and not on demonizing inanimate objects.

Gun control laws have not worked. It is about time we tried behavior control.

Frederick G. Scott


Nudity is permitted, but fighting it is not?

A Supreme Court ruling allowed 100 people to pose nude in downtown New York City ("100 in New York strip for photographer," June 5).

At about the same time, a man was arrested in Baltimore for handing out religious material on The Block ("The wages of fighting sin," June 5).


Larry Johnston


God's view of homosexuality isn't clear or uncontroversial

To answer the rhetorical question posed in the recent letter "Gay marriages violate God's design for reproduction" (May 31), same-sex partners have children as naturally as many married couples do - through adoption, alternative fertilization and surrogacy.

The writer has a rigid idea of "God's law" - and of who should interpret it.

He seems not to have noticed the recent progress toward blessing same-sex unions by Reform Judaism, the Presbyterians and by many of the more liberal Christian denominations or the controversy and potential theological schisms on the issue in the Methodist church and among Southern Baptists.

Carolyn Hayes


The insightful commentary on "God's infinite wisdom" in the letter "Gay marriages violate God's design for reproduction" (May 31) makes me wonder if God prefers to have children raised by abusive heterosexual parents or by a loving same-sex couple.

Perhaps the author could enlighten us what God would prefer, since he evidently has special knowledge about God's plans.

Charles Rammelkamp


T. Edward Hambleton deserved the acclaim ...

I planned to sit down and write that I didn't feel T. Edward Hambleton's lifetime achievement Tony Award had received sufficient attention in The Sun.

Then I read the editorial "A Tony career" (June 7).

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