Pressure surge causes breaks in Howard Co. water mains


Four simultaneous water main breaks occurred in a section of Elkridge about 3:30 Friday morning, affecting about 30 businesses and a handful of homes.

The breaks were caused by a pressure surge in the water pipes, according to Howard County government officials. Two breaks were on U.S. 1 between Meadowridge and Kit Kat roads; the third was on Meadowridge Road; and the fourth was on Kit Kat Road. County officials said they did not know the cause of the pressure surge."[For this] number of water main breaks to occur simultaneously is very unusual," said James Irvin, director of Howard's Department of Public Works.

Most of the breaks were repaired by mid-afternoon Friday. To repair the breaks, workers had to dig up portions of road, pinpoint the location of the breaks, remove mud and other debris, cut out the damaged sections of pipe and replace them.

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