Columbine victim is subject of play at Millersville...


June 09, 2000

Columbine victim is subject of play at Millersville church

A play centered around the family of a victim in the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado will be staged June 16 at Anchor Baptist Church in Millersville.

The 7 p.m. performance of "Crossroads at Columbine" is being presented by the Proclaimers drama team from Northland Baptist Bible College in Dunbar, Wis., as part of a 10-week tour of the Midwest and Southeastern states.

"Crossroads" is a true story about shooting victim Cassie Bernall, describing "how her life was headed down the same dark path as the lives of the gunmen when her parents and the Lord intervened," according to a church announcement of the program.

Alan Behn, director of speech at the fundamental Baptist college, wrote the play with the cooperation of Cassie's parents.

When he met them, he said, Brad and Misty Bernall described a daughter who had been consumed by hate. They were at war with her for months, and realized that their approach to parenting - trying to be a friend - had been wrong.

Attempting to help their daughter, the parents curtailed Cassie's privileges, but when they allowed her to attend a church youth retreat, she returned home a changed person.

Behn describes his play as a "message to families that parents need to be real parents."

The public is invited to attend, and the church nursery will offer care for children ages 3 and younger. Information: Anchor Baptist, 410-647-9614.

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