Ordinary activities can teach children to invest

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June 09, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

How do you teach children the basics of investing? Black Enterprise, June, suggests: "Review the family budget with your kids; let them see you pay monthly bills. ... Teach children to plan their purchases, avoiding impulse buying. ... Teach them to avoid the trap of `one-time' credit-card offers. ... Get your children to start investing early."

CAREER CORNER: The best jobs for 2000 and beyond, according to Time, May 29, include: Tissue engineers ("25 years from now scientists will pull a pancreas from a Petri dish"); "Pharmers" ("New-age Old MacDonalds will raise crops and livestock genetically to produce therapeutic proteins"); and data miners ("When `Ask Jeeves' just won't cut it, research gurus will be on hand to extract useful tidbits from mountains of data.")

TOP PERFORMERS: Here are the best-performing investment newsletters since June 30, 1980, in order: The Chartist; Value Line Investment Survey; No-Load Fund X; Growth Stock Outlook and The Prudent Speculator. (Data from Hulbert Financial Digest.)

WALL ST. WATCH: "Until the Fed no longer tries to slow the economy, it will be tough to sustain upside momentum. Let's call this a bear market." (Aeltus Weekly)

"Two years after they start trading, seven out of 10 IPOs (initial public offerings) have underperformed the market." (CNBC-TV)

"Schering Plough Corp., Tyson Foods Inc. and Intuit Inc. are listed under "Stocks Wall Street is Watching," in Individual Investor, June.

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