Once upon a time "My favorite story is one called...


June 08, 2000|By TRICIA BISHOP

Once upon a time

"My favorite story is one called `Coyote's Song,' " says Kathy MacMillan, the Children's Services supervisor at the Eldersburg Branch Library. "It has a lot of howling in it."

Encouraging howling, believe it or not, is good, says MacMillan. She hosts a five-part storytelling workshop for kids 8 and up. The classes cover the basics of telling tales, including expression and presentation. Howling seems to resonate with the kids.

The oral performances build their confidence, MacMillan says. "I find it's very different from drama [because] it allows them to show their personalities more."

A longtime interest in storytelling prompted MacMillan to develop the workshop, which debuted last year. Its success has brought it back this year; it begins Wednesday and continues once a week through July 12. After that, the kids have two weeks to practice on their own for a July 25 recital, when each of them will get to strut their storytelling stuff for friends and family. Wednesday, 2 p.m., 6400 W. Hemlock Drive, 410-386-4460.

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