Be a 4Kids Detective

June 07, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

What is the aspect ratio of an HDTV?

What kinds of glass products can be recycled?

When were the first Etch A Sketch toys produced?


Doodle, draw, etch and sketch. The Etch A Sketch Web site, devoted to the classic toy, is loaded with great fun and games for kids of all ages. Turn those knobs and start drawing those lines at From coloring pages to hidden shapes to interactive stories, you'll find countless activities here. For kids not familiar with the Etch A Sketch, the site traces the history of the Etch A Sketch and features 10 useful tips and tricks to help you master the toy. Be sure to visit the amazing, and sometimes hilarious, art gallery. Here, you'll find sweet sketches of everything from wildlife to castles to famous celebrities. Best of all is the online Etch A Sketch, which simulates the toy and lets you doodle for hours.


Check out Project Environment at 6076/. Meet the high school kids who built their very own Earth-friendly house, with rugs made from recycled plastic soda bottles and a sun-powered shower. You can build an acid rain test, make your own paper out of recycled newspaper, and try out other eco-fun stuff.


The exciting future of television awaits at Digital TV: A Cringely Crash Course. Channel surf to and explore many of television's exciting events, including the Golden Age of Television and the introduction of color. You'll also get the lowdown on the coming of digital sound, higher resolution and interactive television. Thanks to HDTV, you'll soon be able to play video games, surf the Web, talk to your friends and order a pizza -- all through your television set.

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