"I like the book 'Arthur Accused' by Marc Tolon Brown...

Book Reviews

June 07, 2000

"I like the book 'Arthur Accused' by Marc Tolon Brown because it is my favorite. It's good to read. It has easy words. It has good pictures. It is long. It has my favorite character."

-- Obinoa Achiko, Northfield Elementary

" 'It Takes Two' by Nancy Krulik was really good. It's about a pair of girls who both want something very badly: a mom and a dad. They don't know each other but after they meet they realize they can help each other out. One girl has a dad and no mom, and the other girl has a mom and no dad. They come up with a plan to bring their parents together. This book was really fun to read."

-- Tara Sones, Lisbon Elementary

"I like 'Never Spit on Your Shoes' by Denys Cazet because animals say and do funny things in it. There are lots of pictures, and the animals do things like sleep in their desks. A hippo even writes his name backwards!"

-- Zach Whetzel, Seneca Elementary

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