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June 05, 2000|By David Einstein | David Einstein,San Francisco Chronicle

Is it possible to sort a list of song titles or other names alphabetically in Microsoft Word?

It is. First, make sure each item on your list constitutes its own paragraph -- in other words, hit the Enter key after each entry. Now, go to the Table menu in Word and choose Sort. This will automatically select your list and present you with a Sort Text dialog box. To sort the list alphabetically, simply choose OK. Easy, eh?

What are the pros and cons of just deleting cookies out of their folder periodically?

Cookies are very small files that Web sites put in your computer so they can keep information about you. For instance, when you sign up for an online account, your user ID and password may be stored in a cookie. Other cookies contain personal information and buying preferences for online shopping sites that you have used.

If you browse with Internet Explorer, your cookies are stored in the Cookies folder inside the Windows folder. With Netscape, cookies are in a file called Cookies.txt. You can go into those files and delete cookies without causing damage to your system, but it's a good idea to leave the ones associated with automatic sign-ons. (You should be able to spot them because cookies generally carry their sender's identity.)

We use America Online to connect to the Internet. How can we get the modem inside the computer to be silent during the connection process?

What's the matter? You don't like listening to high-pitched screeching every time you go online? Can't blame you. The noise emitted by modems is one of the most irritating sounds on the planet, next only to the singing of Christina Aguilera. So I want to help you if I can.

Here are a couple things you can do: In the AOL sign-on window choose Setup. Then in the Setup window click Expert Setup. Now tab over to Devices, select your modem and choose Edit. In the box labeled Speaker volume, which should be set to Normal, choose Off. Then click OK.

If that doesn't solve the problem, try this: Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings and click Control Panel. In the Control Panel, double-click the Modems icon. Select your modem (if you have just one modem, it will select itself) and choose Properties. Then use your mouse to slide the Speaker volume pointer to Off.

I have been asking different sources this question and have had zero results. On Netscape, how do I delete the list of addresses that appear when I click the down arrow on the Address bar?

This question crops up frequently. Mostly, I suspect, from people who have been visiting sites they'd rather keep secret from their significant other.

You can erase the list, but it takes a few minutes. Here's how: First open up WordPad, the simple word processor that you'll find in Windows' Programs/Accessories menu. Choose Open from the File menu, and using the Look in: function navigate to C: Program FilesNetscapeUsers. In that folder you should see a folder named after you -- your user folder. Inside that folder is a file named prefs.js. Open it up into WordPad.

At the top of the file is a warning not to edit it. Disregard that. Now find the list of URL entries, which correspond to the sites on your address list. Each entry will begin like this: userpref("browser.urlhistory.URL. Select all of these entries and press the Delete key. Now save the file and quit the program. The next time you start Netscape, your address bar should be clean.

While Jim Coates is on vacation, David Einstein is our guest help maven.

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