Orioles' ups and downs

June 04, 2000|By Joe Strauss

Chuck McElroy - DOWN - Has anybody seen him lately? Trading the left-hander, even at a slight financial cost, might be in the best interest of everyone.

B. J. Ryan - DOWN - Hasn't been the same since working a traumatic ninth inning against the Yankees on May 5. Rochester worked wonders for Jason Johnson. Maybe the same would work for the gifted but currently lost left-hander.

Jeff Newman - UP - Orioles bench coach takes over this weekend while Mike Hargrove attends his son's graduation. What timing. In a National League city, Newman gets to order bunt plays, double switches and all the other managerial toys that gather dust in the AL.

Oh, Canada ... - DOWN - Somebody confiscate the passports. Orioles entered Montreal with 17 consecutive losses north of the border. Thank goodness for that exhibition win in Cuba 15 months ago. By now, a win would be considered an international incident.

The rotation - UP - Its last 16 games entering the weekend had produced a 3.11 ERA and 14 "quality starts." A better showing by the lineup and the bullpen would have allowed the starters more than five wins in that span.

B. J. Surhoff - EVEN - Appears to have shaken four-week slump. Now he becomes even more attractive to clubs wanting outfield help. Last year, Juan Guzman was voted most likely to be moved. Surhoff and Scott Erickson share the distinction if Mr. A gives up on the season.

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