Skin games First there were tattoos, then body glitter...


June 04, 2000|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Sun Staff

Skin games

First there were tattoos, then body glitter. Now make way for skin jewelry.

Shiny, sparkly and glittery, skin jewelry is just like regular jewelry except for one major point: It sticks on and stays on until the wearer removes it. Apply dainty stick-on gems to your wrists and ears, for starters, then expand to forehead, shoulder blade, navel, ankle -- wherever you see fit.

Some looks in skin jewelry and body makeup to consider from Bourjois Paris:

Transfer body jewelry: Garlands, beads, flowers and embroidered-looking patterns on clear backing look painted on when applied by using a wet sponge.

Diamond body jewelry: Peel and stick these shards of raised "gems" wherever you choose.

Body tattoos: Ink a Tree of Life, tortoise or chili pepper stamp on an ink pad and apply.

Bourjois body tattoo stamps ($9 each), body stencils ($10), nail stencils (about $10) and other products are available at -- M.B.

A trove for talls

Tall women who've always had trouble finding full-length jeans that don't look like Capri pants, take heed: A new Web retailer just might have what you need.

Long Tall Sally (, based in London, is the largest retailer of clothes for women over 5 feet 9. On its new Web site, it carries trousers, khakis and jeans with a 34- to 36-inch inseam, tailored suits re-proportioned to fit tall women, dresses up to 60 inches long, swimwear, outerwear and evening wear.

Items are in the mid-price range, and styles are contemporary as well as classic. -- M.B.

Snooze news

Half of all Americans experience some difficulty sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

And one of the worst things about not getting enough sleep is how it makes you look -- ugly, tired, old.

Establishing bedtime rituals -- such as a regular bedtime or a warm bath before bed -- can help improve sleep. And a new line of products from the Thymes Limited may help as well. The Sleep well collection contains essential oil blends and fragrances designed to help one relax. It comes in three formulas -- Relaxation, Sweet Dreams and Deep Sleep -- that are formulated into a host of products.

Can't sleep? Smooth on a little Sleep well body lotion, try a Sleep well meditation candle or spritz your bedroom with some Sleep well mist.

Sleep well products range from $3 for an effervescent bath tablet to $25 for body lotion. For a catalog or to order, call 800-661-8850.

Still can't sleep? Take a good strong dose of professional golf on TV. Now that ought to do it. -- M.B.

Filling the fashion gap in maternity clothes

Bows on maternity tops and dresses are so passe, as are polka dots, pastels and anything that makes the wearer look more like a little girl than a grown woman.

That said, black leather maternity tankinis are not exactly appropriate, either.

Which is why we are pleased that Gap, maker of khakis and very cool commercials, has just introduced a line of maternity clothing that's classic, crisp and comfortable. The 16-piece line includes twin sets, button-up shirts and matte jersey separates and dresses. Prices range from $24 for a long-sleeved T-shirt to $84 for a tailored suit jacket.

Gap maternity clothing is available exclusively through

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