25 Years Ago: Middle School is Being Sought 25 Years...


June 04, 2000

25 Years Ago: Middle School is Being Sought

25 Years Ago: Middle School is Being Sought in Mt. Airy Area -- Parents in the Mt. Airy area will be delighted to hear that plans for the proposed Berrett area middle school are coming off the drawing board and the school board is now seeking a middle school in the Mt. Airy area, bowing to the citizen pressure.

At a recent meeting with state officials, the Carroll County School Board members reported the public opinion from the South Carroll area indicated most parents favor locating a middle school in the Mt. Airy area, and that they preferred a smaller community school. A state study favored a bi-county school open to students from both Carroll and Frederick Counties, located in Mt. Airy. Frederick county school board members opposed such a plan.

Senator Charles Smelsor however favored it, stating he saw no magic in county boundary lines when in comes to school population, and no problems if both boards of education worked together. Carroll officials requested that the present Mt. Airy middle school be renovated and that a new elementary school be built in Mt. Airy.

The Community Reporter

June 6, 1975

50 Years Ago: Memorial Day Parade Held -- The Memorial Day services and parade sponsored by Carroll Post No. 31 American Legion, was in honor of the Carroll county chapter, Gold Star Mothers. The parade was one of the best held in years and the streets were lined with people watching.

The speaker, Rev. J. Keller Brantley, pastor of Carroll Reformed charge, delivered the memorial address at the mound in the cemetery, where services were conducted. He emphasized the four freedoms of our country and giving of "one life for God and Country." The parade started from Belle Grove Square at 9:30 o'clock. City Officers Gilbert Abbott and George Gunther, Jr., with Chief of Police Charles Seipp and Captain Magin, headed the parade. They were followed by Mayor Joseph L. Mathias and members of the Common Council riding in open cars. Next in line were a group of Gold Starmothers in cars.

Democratic Advocate

June 2, 1950

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