Meet Mouse Got milk? Well good, because it'll go...


June 01, 2000|By Tricia Bishop

Meet Mouse

Got milk? Well good, because it'll go perfectly with Mouse's cookie. Got a straw? Well, you must, because how else is Mouse going to drink his milk? That's only the beginning for our demanding little rodent. Read "If You Give Mouse a Cookie" to see what else Mouse asks for and see how the generous boy tending to him learns a lesson in fuzzy logic.

Laura Joffe Numeroff gives us a brightly illustrated story detailing the increasingly ridiculous progression of this mouse's needs, making it a good memory test for kids. The repetitive nature of the writing lends itself to home-made games. A good exercise for kids is to try to remember or guess what the mouse will ask for if given a cookie, milk or a straw and so on.

Meet Mouse at Barnes & Noble in White Marsh Friday, where he'll pose for pictures following story time. 10: 30 a.m., 8123 Honeygo Blvd., 410-933-9670.

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