Be a 4Kids Detective

May 31, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

* What are the building blocks of molecules?

* What is the word for a score of zero in tennis?

* Before 1993, when had a Serpent Eagle last been seen?


Around the world, eagles are admired for their power, freedom and the beauty of their flight. Learn more about these awe-inspiring birds at Eagles, a Nature program by PBS. Fly away to and get to know these "masters of the sky." Discover the many kinds of eagles, from Africa's Harpy Eagle to the Philippine Eagle. Ever wonder how these birds can spot their prey from high in the sky? The site explains how eagles have vision five times sharper than humans. Also, explore the feature on the return of the bald eagle in the United States, now numbering about 12,000 in the lower 48 states.


At The Atoms Family, science is not only fascinating, it's also scary. Based on The Atoms Family exhibit at The Miami Museum of Science, this site allows you to interact with energy-related activities presented by your favorite gothic horror characters, from the Wolf Man to Frankenstein. Explore the haunted hill at Learn about the properties of light, waves and particles at Dracula's Library. Then enter the Mummy's Tomb to discover how to build a better pyramid using insulation.


Throw down some Gatorade and head to The Locker Room. The whole team's there and ready to talk sports for kids. First, you've got to know the game plan, champ. Read the playbook at /sports/locker.html. Now head into the action. Swing a racket at the tennis button, swish into the basketball scene, or tumble into gymnastics. For each sport, learn about its history, equipment and safety facts.

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