Young writer's poem, story appear in Discovery magazine

Student achiever

May 24, 2000

Student achiever: Lauren Won, 9.

School: Waverly Elementary School.

Special achievement: She had a poem and a story published in Discovery magazine as part of the Maryland Writing Project sponsored by Towson University.

What she says about it: "My principal, JoanneFerguson, called my mom to tell, and my mom kept it a secret for a while. I didn't know that I was getting published until I saw the magazine at school. I was surprised and kind of proud."

How she likes to spend her time: "I like to read, even in the car. I like to play with my younger sister, who has the same birthday I have. I also enjoy swimming, drawing and Junior Girl Scouts. I can also speak Korean and English."

The problem with reading so much: "I think I read so many books that I had to get glasses, and the same thing happened to my older brother."

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