Home-style line a step above frozen dinners * Item...

Rush-Hour Remedies

May 24, 2000|By Joanne E. Morvay

Home-style line a step above frozen dinners

* Item: Boston Market Home Style Meals

* What you get: One entree with side dish

* Cost: About $4.75

* Preparation time: 8 to 12 minutes in microwave, 50 minutes in conventional oven

* Review: Boston Market's new line of frozen meals don't taste as fresh as those served in the chain's restaurants. But they're still a big step above the average frozen dinner. The meatloaf dinner offered two thick slices of fairly tasty meatloaf with flavorful gravy on the side, albeit accompanied by what tasted like instant mashed potatoes. The Oven Roasted Chicken With Stuffing and Gravy doesn't exactly duplicate Boston's Market's trademark chicken meals. But the meaty thigh and drumstick were juicy and tender. And the stuffing is a near-perfect mix of moist bread, crunchy celery and sage. You also can purchase a variety of entrees and side dishes on their own. And Boston Market fans will love being able to get their "home-cooked" fix any time.

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