May 24, 2000

Beginning in the Wednesday, May 31, editions of The Sun, stock prices in the listings for the New York, Nasdaq and American stock exchanges, as well as those in the Sun Stocks, will appear in decimals rather than fractions.

Today's listing for Legg Mason Inc., for example, would read 41.9375, down .5625, instead of 41 15/16, down 9/16.

The change, which was approved by the New York Stock Exchange in June 1997, means that the spreads - the difference between prices that investors can get when selling a stock and the price that brokers will charge them to buy it - are likely to narrow. The minimum spread has been one-eighth, or 12.5 cents. It is likely to fall to 5 cents and perhaps much lower.

Fractions will continue to appear in the listings of the most active puts and calls, and in the futures listings.

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