Misplaced priorities I read with dismay The Sun's...


May 21, 2000

Misplaced priorities

I read with dismay The Sun's article last Tuesday depicting the Maryland State Legislature's unwillingness to fund a "special" appropriation for resurfacing the floor of the 5th Regiment Armory.

Schools in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County squeeze into this facility each winter indoor track season because there just isn't another facility in the area to accommodate that sport or the excessive number of participants.

The present flooring needs renovation and the plans are to replace the material with one that is not conducive to running indoor track.

On the one hand, the state legislature can turn their collective backs on a very large contingent of athletes who will be shut out of a sport; and on the other hand, they are willing to fill their bellies with $100,000 worth of crab cakes at the Preakness governmental hospitality tent.

Where are their priorities?

Mark Schlenoff


Note: The writer is athletic director at Poly.

DeShields appreciated

This is a response to last week's letter that referred to Orioles second baseman Delino DeShields as a "prima donna."

Although most of us fans are disgruntled for various reasons, I feel when we target a player for criticism we should get the facts straight. DeShields has played his butt off this season and has recognized the fans.

I personally witnessed him signing autographs for kids just after warm-ups before a game when many other "stars" had retreated to the dugout.

As for his attitude, how would you feel if your "boss" had a replacement waiting for you in the wings and asked you to show him the ropes so he can fit in easily. I have, and it doesn't feel good.

I feel DeShields is handling himself in a professional and prideful manner and should be appreciated for his talents.

Let the man's play speak for itself.

Len Bielut


`Flame flickering low'

Who would have thought that a little over a month into the Orioles' season that the two anchors of the pitching staff - Mike Mussina and Scott Erickson - would have such dismal records, and that the pitcher with the most wins would be Pat Rapp?

This is overwhelming evidence that the front office missed the beat by not bolstering this staff in the off-season. As the old Orioles sportscaster, Bill Dyer, used to say, "The flame is flickering low."

Joseph Larson


No shining Knight

If I hear one more time, "Oh, yeah, but look how many players he graduates," I'm going to get sick.

So what, Bobby Knight? Is graduating players, winning national championships, and being a complete jerk all it takes? Do the citizens of Indiana, alumni and the board of trustees only care about their basketball program, or do they really care about what this guy has perpetrated on his players, his assistants, referees, the media, administrative assistants, and anybody else who gets in his way?

I had hoped president Myles Brand and the Indiana board would finally find some courage and fire this guy, but no, they wimped out and slapped his wrist. "Be a good boy, Bobby, don't choke anyone, throw a vase, humiliate an aide, or belittle anyone you find that goes against you or asks a question you don't like."

Be patient, fans. He'll explode again.

Paul C. Corbett Sr.

Ocean Pines

Henderson's a jerk

Last week, the day before he was finally released by the New York Mets, Rickey Henderson broke into a home run trot on a first-inning shot to left that failed to clear the fence. He had a single but easily should have been on second. He didn't score and the Mets would lose in a close game.

When asked by reporters about the incident, Henderson said, "I shouldn't have been running no harder than I ran. I'm going to do it again if I hit a ball like that again. I've been doing it all my life. Ain't nothing going to change about that."

This guy was picked up by another team, the Mariners, shortly after his release, and they will surely regret the move. He's a self-centered, egomaniacal, Class-A jerk.

Jeff Mariner


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