"Home Truths: A Novella" by David Lodge (Penguin, 115...

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May 21, 2000|By Michael Pakenham

"Home Truths: A Novella" by David Lodge (Penguin, 115 pages, $11.95)

David Lodge is one of the brightest, clearest, sardonically truth-telling voices writing in English. His 10 novels are consistently delightful and serious. His literary criticism ("The Art of Fiction," "The Practice of Writing") is wise and often elegant. Now comes this sharply shaped novella, living up to Lodge's best standards. It is, of course, funny. It moves, of course, swiftly. It speaks, of course, from acute knowledge of the planet of its subjects -- novelists, journalists, movie folk. But when all the guffawing quiets down, it is a keen morality tale that draws deeply on the challenges of harmonizing private and public lives -- about illusion and truth.

Pub Date: 05/21/00

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