Millions elusive, so far

May 18, 2000|By Laura Lippman

Yesterday was National Be a Millionaire Day, and Dee Wright came up short.

OK, most of us came up short on National Be a Millionaire Day. But Wright, who created the day in 1997 and had it listed in the Chase Calendar of Events, had made it her personal goal to be a millionaire by that day. She missed, she cheerfully admits. Missed by a lot. So what?

"If people are disappointed, they are no more disappointed than I," an upbeat Wright conceded by telephone yesterday. "It shows what the American struggle and experience are all about. Most successes are littered with starts and spurts and ups and downs and disappointments and exhilarations. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it."

Wright, who detailed her million-dollar ideas to The Sun two months ago upon the launch of her campaign to get rich, says she has learned everything takes much longer than she'd ever dreamed. It's only this past week that has agreed to list her anthem ("Be a Millionaire," in compact disc format). She also only recently listed the domain name, GetRichGet Happy.Com, for sale at two auction sites, setting a floor of $100,000 for the bids.

Her other plans include millionaire merchandise -- a cap, a T-shirt and a mug -- and millionaire publishing ventures, including a workbook and a diary for other would-be millionaires.

Her new target date: June 17.

And may we call her again, to see how she's doing?

"Absolutely!" Wright says. "But I plan to be calling you before June 17."

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