Hot corner

May 17, 2000

Quote: "That's the old blind squirrel theory. When something like that happens once in a long while, you know there's some luck involved." -- Cardinals pitcher Andy Benes after his seventh home run in 641 at-bats

It's a fact: The loudest cheers at Veterans Stadium came from those listening to the Flyers-Devils playoff game on the radio. Every time the Flyers scored, the crowd roared, "Let's Go Flyers!"

Who's hot: The Reds are 10-1 when Ken Griffey hits a home run.

Who's not: The Marlins played in front of a franchise-record-low crowd of 7,101 last night.

On deck: The Mets are 7-0 in Al Leiter's starts, and Leiter goes tonight against the Rockies.

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