" 'The Absolutely True Story: How I Visited Yellowstone...

Book Reviews

May 17, 2000

" 'The Absolutely True Story: How I Visited Yellowstone Park with the Terrible Rupes' by Willo Davis Roberts is about a mystery that happens on a trip to Yellowstone. I think you should read this book."

-- Brittany Carter

Oakleigh Elementary

" 'Toenails, Tonsils and Tornadoes' by Bonnie Pryor is about Martin Snodgrass. His family is having a reunion. During the reunion, a tornado strikes. He tells everyone and they get to safety in time. I think you will like this book."

-- Caitlin Ortolani

Abingdon Elementary

" 'Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel' by Virginia Lee Burton is a very good book. I like Mike's steam shovel because it digs up dirt. When I am big, I want to work a steam shovel, too."

-- John Carr

Perry Hall Elementary

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