Zoo Zone

May 17, 2000

What's for dinner?

Noisy eaters, hippos eat grasses at night and rest in water during the day.

There's nothing like mud!

Two species of hippopotamus can be found in Africa. The Nile hippopotamus can be found lying in muddy rivers and lakes; it can grow to 11 feet long and has webbed feet for swimming. The smaller, pygmy hippo has long toes for walking in forests and swamps. It can close its nose and ears for swimming underwater. To keep cool, the hippo "sweats" a special pink fluid that acts like sunscreen to protect its skin.

Do you know?

How do hippos defend themselves?

Answer: With sharp teeth that can grow to 20 inches long!

Learn more!

Visit the hippos at The Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Hippos Go Berserk" by Sandra Boynton.

Wild Facts

1. The hippopotamus can stay underwater for as long as five minutes.

2. Mother hippos carry their newborns piggyback in deep water.

The Baltimore Zoo

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