North Laurel granted $105,000 to launch community policing


A Howard County foundation announced Friday that it would grant $105,000 toward a community policing program in North Laurel modeled after the state's HotSpot initiative.

The grant from Horizon Foundation will finance a community police officer and partially fund a patrol car and other expenses, officials said.

The grant will also fund a community liaison, to work with the community and help the officer with administrative duties.

Horizon Foundation, a $74 million nonprofit philanthropy, will also issue a report in a year to assess its success.

Richard Krieg, president and chief executive officer of the foundation, said the program would focus on substance abuse and the problems associated with it."It's an issue of concern for the community," he said.

North Laurel was denied funding for a HotSpot program last year. That designation went to Harper's Choice Village in Columbia.

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