A bouquet for Columbia


May 14, 2000|By Sloane Brown

The Columbia Foundation's 18th annual Spring Garden Party wasn't held in a garden. But that didn't seem to matter to guests.

"It's a great party," said Jim Eagan, Lakeview Title Co. president. "You get to see people you haven't seen in ages, all your old neighbors."

"It's the epitome of what Columbia is all about," agreed George Hunter, Merrill Lynch vice president, as he scanned the gathering of 580 Howard County business and nonprofit folk in the Rouse Co.'s Spear Center.

Among those in the throng: Barbara Lawson, Columbia Foundation executive director; Bruce Rothschild, foundation president; Dr. Robert Sheff, Steve Adler, David Forester, Charmaine Gordon, Judy Koloski and Malynda Madzel, foundation board members; Gary Hughes, executive director of Foreign Born Information & Referral Network; Helen Szablya, U.S. Treasury external affairs officer; Drew Sandberg, owner of Colosseum Gym and Fitness; Richard Falkin, Columbia attorney; Ilana Bittner, Pixel Workshop president; Maggie Brown, vice president of Columbia Association; and Andy Barth, WMAR-TV reporter.

The spring shindig raised more than $30,000 for Howard County cultural and charitable organizations supported by the Columbia Foundation.

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