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May 12, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

Are you an aggressive, patient or conservative investor? Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine (June) includes these stocks under "Portfolio for the Aggressive Investor": Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Family Dollar Inc., ImClone Systems Inc., Microsoft Corp., Tyco International and Vodafone AirTouch Corp.

Under "Patient Investor Stocks," we find American Express Co., Citigroup Inc., General Motors Corp., Home Depot Inc., Intel Corp. and Pfizer Inc.

These stocks appear under "Conservative Investor Choices": American Home Products Corp., Bell Atlantic Corp., Bestfoods Inc., IBM Corp. and Washington Gas Light Co.

CAUTION FLAG: "If you buy the `new era' story, forget fundamentals and ride the roller coaster. But remember that taking a big hit could require several decades to recover your losses. Just ask veterans of the 1973-74 debacle. This market is full of excesses." (Charles Allmon, Growth Stock Outlook)

WALL STREET WATCH: "Some high-tech fund managers don't keep much rainy-day money around. God forbid we get a prolonged crash." (Forbes, May 15)

"The Greater Fool Theory -- buy high and try to sell even higher and hope some `greater fool' bails you out -- has been winning for too long. Take some money off the table after a big win in case there's no `greater fool' next in line." (Smart Money)

"The bond market has overdone itself on the downside. Corporates are very attractive these days." (David P. Goldman, global strategist)

"When people buy on market dips, as many investors have been doing, it shows their strong faith in the future." (Laszlo Birinyi, money manager)

"James Stack, president of InvesTech, a leading newsletter that traces market trends, feels that the stock market is ready for a significant fall after its long run-up." (Family Money)

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