Hooray for 'Harry'


May 11, 2000|By TRICIA BISHOP

Who hasn't heard of Harry Potter by now? The preteen is downright ubiquitous. With less than two months to go before the next Harry Potter book hits the stores, many moms and dads are beside themselves. Their Potter-hungry kids are either moping about during the wait or bleary-eyed from rereading their old Potter books.

If you're the parent of such kids, why not use the down time to become familiar with Potter's world? Here's a crash course in all that is Harry for way-uncool adults. Use the knowledge wisely and try a little Potter-bonding with your kids. Maybe even try to get them to rejoin the rest of the world.

If that doesn't work, save yourself and drop them off at the North County Library's Harry Potter Party Saturday at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. It features a celebration of Harry's adventures, visits by book characters, craft-making and refreshments. 1010 Eastway, Glen Burnie, 410-222-6270.

* Azkaban: the wizard prison

* Dark Arts: the dark side of magic

* Dementor: soulless creatures who guard Azkaban

* Firebolt: the hottest in broomstick models

* Floo powder: magic powder for traveling

* Hogwarts: the best in witchcraft and wizardry schools

* Lumos: easy-as-pie, common spell

* Muggles: plain old nonwizard people

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