Be a 4Kids Detective

May 10, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to detectives/.

* The Swatch watch first appeared in what year?

* The Philco Holiday television cost how much in 1958?

* What is the moral of Aesop's"The Lion and the Mouse"?


Have you ever wondered what makes your watch actually go? You'll find your answer at The Quartz Watch Web site. Tinkered with by inventors for the past 100 years, quartz finally emerged in consumer products during the 1960s, and today, we're lucky enough to enjoy its time-keeping benefits. Explore the wristwatch revolution for yourself at You'll explore the insides of the digital watch, including time displays, batteries, integrated circuits and the quartz crystal. The site also features a colorful timeline, documenting everything quartz, including the discovery of piezoelectricity, the invention of the LCD and the introduction of the Swatch.


Once upon a Web site, there was a group of students who liked storytelling and computer graphics. They lived happily in a village called The village was also home to the wise storyteller Aesop, who told tales about greed, trust and kindness. These creative students loved Aesop's stories, and they designed new versions side-by-side with the old.


For some great technology history, tune into The MZTV Museum of Television at Enjoy the full story of television. You'll also find factoids on its early inventors and its most famous programs. The 1939 World's Fair Gallery explains television's official introduction to the world. But the museum is most famous for the TV sets themselves, and the Web site is loaded with photos and cool graphics of your favorites. The Philco Predictas, for example, features wild-looking television sets from the 1950s.

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