Camden bandbox makes pitchers sing the blues

May 07, 2000|By John Steadman

NOTEworthy Day:

It hasn't been authenticated that pitchers are scraping their fingers on the outfield walls when they prepare to deliver the ball but, in truth, Oriole Park is much too small. If you were a pitcher, would you want to try to win 20 games there?

One seemingly selfish reason Ken Griffey forced a trade out of Seattle is the new ballpark, compared with the one in Cincinnati, had larger dimensions that would have diminished his home run totals. ... The Washington Times referred to Albert Belle and Delino DeShields as the "Sunshine Boys" after being told they weren't talking to the media in retribution for stories that made them unhappy. But we've always felt athletes, Joe Namath to mention one, who took such a stance didn't have anything the public would want to hear anyhow. ... Daniel White, a son of the well-credentialed and respected new Notre Dame athletic director, is a sophomore basketball player at Towson University. ... Watching Mayor Martin O'Malley warm up on Opening Day in front of the Orioles' dugout remains a lasting memory, more than a little much.

When Peter Warrick visited Cleveland Browns owner Al Lerner before the draft he was dressed in a camouflage suit and wearing two diamond earrings the size of Rhode Island. ... It cost $69 million to build the Seattle Kingdome, $430 million to replace it with an open-air stadium, and a debt of $206 million on the one they just blasted into kingdom come. ... Jack Merson, highly regarded as a gentleman and infielder with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 1950s, died at his home in Elkridge.

Friends visiting Fiji say the home folks there are upset with Vijay Singh because they feel he has been reluctant to spend time on the islands where golf began for him. ... Lou Kousouris Sr. gave much to Baltimore football in the pre-Colts days, as a player and coach, and if there was an amateur hall of fame, he'd certainly qualify. ... Leadership Washington, the organization comprising some of the district's most influential citizens, presented Jerry Sachs, the ex-Orioles publicity director and chief executive with the Washington Caps and Bullets, its most coveted award for what he continues to do for humanity, this remarkable man of gentle, caring ways.

Coach George Henderson at Community College of Baltimore-Essex, once a national baseball champion, is playing with a roster of 10 but is getting the maximum from a team that is obviously enjoying itself. ... Ex-Colt George Buksar is going into the Indiana Athletic Hall of Fame, a momentous honor for a man who was a tremendous player and now devotes his life to helping the cause of war veterans and those the world has too quickly forgotten.

Golf, in the early part of the last century, actually had an anti-shank club. ... Tony Barisse, who learned to box at St. Mary's Industrial School and with the Civilian Conservation Corps, says his dream bout would have been Billy Conn vs. Muhammad Ali. ... Maybe one of the youngest Baltimore high school pitchers to throw a no-hit game was John LeBrou, a 15-year-old left-hander who delivered a classic effort for Calvert Hall against Patterson in 1939. ... Heather Bowie, the granddaughter of Buzz Nutter, ex-Colts center, is an LPGA rookie making a fine impression on the tour. ... Scouts agree that Anne Arundel County continues to far and away produce the best baseball prospects of any area of the state.

Baseball's foreign impact shows 23.6 percent of major-leaguers were born outside the USA, led by the Dominican Republic with 71 players and, to further emphasize the Latin influence, the pension agreement is printed in both English and Spanish. ... Renditions, featuring replicas of holes from courses that have played host to major golf championships, will be built in Davidsonville by Jeff Sheehan, former assistant pro at Crofton Country Club, now with Houston developer William Cole Inc. ... Bob Peterson is the newly elected president of the Oldtimers Baseball Association. ... What used to be Bloomingdale Oval becomes Leon Day Park with ceremonies June 10, according to chairman Lou Fields, who is putting together a full day of celebration. ... The knob on the end of a baseball bat was first ordered by Babe Ruth in 1919 from Hillerich & Bradsby. ... Peter Angelos tossed his annual party for the Baltimore Colts at Camden Yards, and they showed they haven't lost the art of knowing how to enjoy themselves.

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