Robert F. Craig, 65, an activist who pushed AIDS...

Deaths Elsewhere

May 05, 2000

Robert F. Craig, 65, an activist who pushed AIDS education, fought for West Hollywood's cityhood and founded the gay newsmagazine Frontiers, died Friday in Los Angeles from complications of AIDS.

Craig co-founded Frontiers in 1982 and eventually became the sole owner, turning the 16-page tabloid into a magazine with a circulation of 86,000.

Early on, Frontiers publicized the new threat of AIDS, to the discomfort of gay bars and bathhouses, who vowed a boycott.

Alonzo Crim, ,72, the first black school superintendent of a major Southern city, died Wednesday in Atlanta after a car accident.

Crim was named superintendent of Atlanta schools in 1973. Over the next 14 years, he was credited with raising school attendance to more than 92 percent and increasing the graduation rate to more than 70 percent.

Jonah Jones, 90, a Grammy award-winning jazz trumpeter who began his career on a Mississippi riverboat and became a star playing with Cab Calloway, died Sunday in New York.

Jones performed around the Midwest with artists and bands including Jimmie Lunceford, Stuff Smith, McKinney's Cotton Pickers and Lil Armstrong, the wife of Louis Armstrong.

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