The Chef Ladies have tips for finicky eaters


May 04, 2000|By TRICIA BISHOP

Dinner time in houses with finicky kids -- as some of you know -- is often met with scowls, tantrums and defiant cries of "yuck!" The Chef Ladies at Barnes & Noble in White Marsh try to expand kids' tastes beyond peanut butter and jelly during a celebration of Cinco de Mayo today.

Drawing ideas from "The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook: Food and Fun Around the World," the pair teach children how to make tortilla chips and then entertain them with stories while the chips bake. The idea is for kids to realize the importance of careful reading, especially when executing recipes.

For creative ways to get kids involved in your kitchen activities -- and with any luck, to make things better at the dinner table -- check out the multicultural cookbook for such curiosity-raising recipes as Ghana's peanut-butter soup, Zimbabwe's potato cookies and Germany's apple pancakes.

Registration required. 10:30 a.m., 8123 Honeygo Blvd., 410-933-9670.

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