A time to sell and a time to buy

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Although many people cheer about the fortunes they've made in Wall Street, few investors talk about what they've lost.

To prevent losses, Personal Finance lists" 'Must Sell' Hamstrung High Flyers," adding, "Don't waste time or money waiting for these to come back: Cisco Systems Inc., Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., Corning Inc., Qualcomm Inc. and Analog Devices Inc."

Want to buy? Money magazine, May, lists as "Cheap Stocks, Prices Insanely Low!": Wendy's International Inc., Dollar Thrifty Automotive, Oneida Ltd., Hollinger International Inc., Bell & Howell Co. and Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. The article says, "These companies have low price-to-earnings and price-to-book value ratios."

MONEY MATTERS: "Based on improving sentiment data traders should be selective buyers and wary of the possibility of an on-going Nasdaq problem." (The Trader's Focus)

"Investor psychology is going to bejolted away from the ... 'buy the dips' mentality, but that will take time and sustained damage." (Ian McAvity's Deliberations)

"Even if the market moves up more, the enormous crapshoot is finally ending." (David Dreman, money manager).

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