25 Years ago: JC's To Operate Recycling Center Here...


April 30, 2000

25 Years ago: JC's To Operate Recycling Center Here Tomorrow -- The Mt. Airy Jaycees will operating a recycling center for the collection of newspapers, glass and cans Saturday, April 12th at the Mt. Airy Shopping Center. Jaycees from the local Chapter will be at the Center from 9 to 11 a.m. to collect material. Glass and metal containers should be clean and have the labels removed. Papers may either bundled or loose. If anyone has a quantity of material in this area and needs assistance, they may arrange for a pick-up. Money raised through the recycling process is used to support community projects interest to the Jaycees.

The Community Reporter, April 11, 1975

50 Years Ago: W.M.R.R. Plans Underway For Recapitalization -- A plan for recapitalization of the Western Maryland Railway may be ready within two or three months. Eugene S. Williams, president t stockholders at their annual meeting. Mr. Williams said it had been deemed wise to hold any such program in abeyance until a refinancing plan recently successfully completed, was out of the way. Another meeting of large stockholders is expected to be held with in several weeks. The WC Maryland, hard hit during the coal strike, has regained most of its former business. Prospects for new business, Mr. Williams said particularly in, ore, will largely offset any loss in coal traffic, he added.

Democratic Advocate April 28,1950

Pub Date: 5/02/00

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