"Orio and Leini" by Rafael Alvarez (Woodholme House, 175...

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April 30, 2000|By MICHAEL PAKENHAM

"Orio and Leini" by Rafael Alvarez (Woodholme House, 175 pages, $14.95)

There is no possible way, I long ago decided, for a newspaper or magazine to review the work of members of it's staff in such a way as to be believed to be objective by any healthily skeptical reader. With that established, I unhesitatingly recommend Rafael Alvarez's latest excursion with the native wildlife of Baltimore. Alvarez, a thoroughly professional reporter and a devoted Baltimorean, adores and celebrates the city and the people of its streets and neighborhood. He has covered them long and well for this newspaper. In this, his third book, he does just with delight, respect and an unremitting sense of irony. An enchanting tour.

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