Vic Condiotty, 78, a master at recognizing great...

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April 29, 2000

Vic Condiotty, 78, a master at recognizing great photographic opportunities, imagining others and making them happen in 41 years with the Seattle Times, died Monday in Seattle after a stroke. He was 78. Mr. Condiotty won numerous awards for an unposed picture that showed a blind woman kneeling at the curb over the body of her guide dog, which had just been killed by a motor vehicle, while a police officer stood over her.

Al Zampa, 95, a man who survived a fall off the Golden Gate Bridge and worked on Northern California's most famous bridges, died Sunday in San Pablo, Calif.

Three generations of Mr. Zampa's family, starting with him, helped construct three generations of the Carquinez bridge, just northeast of San Francisco Bay.

Through the 1930s, Mr. Zampa worked on bridges in other Western states and on the Golden Gate and Oakland-San Francisco Bay bridges. In 1936, Zampa was one of 19 people who fell while making their way across a girder on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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