Grant cries foul over glove size

April 27, 2000|By Lem Satterfield | Lem Satterfield,SUN STAFF

NEW YORK -- Lennox Lewis rose from his chair during yesterday's news conference at Madison Square Garden, approached the podium and extended his right arm, with his palm open.

Michael Grant, against whom Lewis will defend his International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Council titles on Saturday night, then rose and placed his left palm against Lewis' palm.

"Same size," Lewis said after grabbing the podium microphone. "Obviously, the man don't have bigger hands than me. This whole thing is silly."

The gesture was in response to Grant's co-manager, Craig Hamilton, threatening to pull out of the fight. Lewis, as champion, was awarded the decision to wear 10-ounce Reyes gloves for the bout. Grant has used Grantbrand gloves throughout his career, and claims the Reyes gloves fit his right hand, but not his left.

"I think it goes to a health issue. My right hand fits well, I'll admit that, but I really had trouble with the left hand. I can't make a fist at all with the left hand," Grant said. "My left hand is bigger than my right hand. If you strike a blow without your fist balled up, that's a broken hand."

Hamilton said none of the eight pairs of Reyes gloves supplied through promoter Main Events fits his fighter.

"I've tried on 16 pair [of Reyes' gloves]. If they want to come up with another 16 and I find one that fits, no problem," Grant said. "But if I can't, we have a problem."

There are no rules in boxing which state fighters must wear the same gloves, but the NYAC has granted Lewis the right, as champ, to choose.

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