Asset allocation helps you reach your goals

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Should you try to make a killing in one or two stocks or should you "play the field?"

"Asset allocation -- not putting all of your money in a few stocks or a single category, but spreading it around -- helps you to reach your goals," says Financial Perspectives.

"This also prevents you from gambling on who will be this year's winner. The results won't be spectacular, but the long-run ride will be smoother and more profitable."

MAKES SENSE: "The good news is that the squeeze has been put on margin buyers as margin calls spread. Though the short term may show nastiness, a `foundation of fear' is also building -- a fear required to build a base from which breadth can turn positive." (Squeeze Play)

GROWTH TRACK: Here are "Stocks For Long-term Capital Appreciation," from Personal Finance: Bank of New York Inc., Coca-Cola Co., General Electric Co., Hewlett-Packard Co., Home Depot Inc. and Intel Corp.

A 224-page, double-issue of the New Yorker (April 24 and May 1), called "The Money Issue," is worth reading ($3). Good articles on Alan Greenspan, "How Greed Becomes a Way of Life," etc.

"Short-term momentum indicators are not yet close to oversold. We may be getting ready for a short-term rally, but from the looks of things there's more trouble ahead." (Katz Market Forecast)

"Two-year Treasuries now yield more than 10-year Treasuries. Historically, this `inverted yield curve' is a signal that bond prices have reached bottom and will move up, lowering yields." (Forbes)

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