Grading the Ravens

April 23, 2000

A look at how the Ravens' draft was graded around the country:

New York Times

Grade: A-plus

Comment: Several personnel men said the Ravens might have had the best draft of any team.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Grade: A

Comment: Talk about adding firepower. The Ravens landed one of the top four RBs, one of the top three WRs and arguably the second-best QB.



Grade: A-minus

Comment: Jamal Lewis will be a steal or a big-time bust.

Dallas Morning News

Grade: B

Comment: Brian Billick got the running back and the receiver he wanted.

CBS Sportsline

Grade: B-minus

Comment: Taking Lewis at No. 5 was way too high. Now they're going to overpay for a guy who had only one big year in college and dogged it throughout the '99 campaign.


Grade: C

Comment: The Ravens were dumb not to trade down from five for a bounty of picks. Shaun Alexander (who went 19th) will be a better pro than Jamal Lewis (fifth), by the way.

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