Orioles' ups and downs

April 23, 2000|By Joe Strauss

Sidney Ponson - UP - Ponson is perhaps the biggest reason a modified rotation pulled the Orioles to a 9-5 start. No longer does he look for the exit door.

Matt Riley - DOWN - Organization's 24KTARM is on the shelf at Rochester with shoulder soreness. Left-handed partyer is still paying for his lost spring training.

Harold Baines - DOWN - Ageless DH had one RBI in 49 at-bats and didn't get his first extra-base hit until Game 14. The swing remains pure, but is it as quick?

Cal 3,000 - UP - A magical moment long in coming and adorned with typical class.

Local broadcast types - DOWN - Only one Charm City station was on hand for Ripken's 3,000th hit. Too expensive chasing Ray Lewis? And how about missing No. 2,999 while one unlucky station superimposed a lottery draw? Hey, hon, I got the kicker!

Ivan the schedule-maker - DOWN - The Orioles don't play an April road game in the Eastern time zone. (They also get four trips to the West Coast this season.) Tonight's getaway job in Oakland followed by a flight to Chicago with a Monday night game vs. the White Sox is an all-timer. Does Major League Baseball contract this stuff to a kindergarten class?

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