Time to hold county officials accountable It's time...


April 23, 2000

Time to hold county officials accountable

It's time. Time for the residents and taxpayers of Carroll County to demand accountability from their elected officials.

Time to demand resignations from the schools superintendent, his second-in-command and from the school board president.

It's time for students and parents to speak up against the systematic segregation of our communities and children.

We must speak up about the nature of this administration that put the education of our children at the bottom of their priority list.

We can no longer overlook the pervasive mismanagement of our schools' resources and structure.

Can we accept that our children are only a sidebar to these administrators? Are we to sit idly by while we are told that our ideas and thoughts have no place?

Are we oblivious to the wasteful spending of our tax dollars by a group of people who believe they are accountable to no one?

Is the assumption correct that we are just a bunch of uneducated hillbillies, who need to be led by people who think it's OK to misinform and steer opinions by pitting communities against each other?

Now is the time to show officials their reign is done, to demand accountability and vote no confidence in these administrators.

A petition is being formulated to the proper authorities and the Maryland Department of Education demanding the resignation of these officials.

Call the Group for Accountability in Government and Industry and we will forward a copy for your neighborhood or e-mail us at gagnot@yahoo.com.

We take this position very seriously and hope the commissioners and school administrators will do the right thing and regain the trust and confidence of the communities they serve and represent.

But some elected representatives seem to think this outcry against the school administration is a non-issue and will disappear.

We'll see.

Marcel J. van Rossum


The writer is co-chairman of the Group for Accountability in Government and Industry in Carroll County.

Investigation reveals school board's failings

If you read closely the "Report of Internal Investigation" of the Carroll County Board of Education you will find some interesting foot-prints.

It is easy to identify the problem with the dereliction of duty of the school board since 1995.

Just check the names of the school board members who nodded in agreement with everything sent to them by the last three school superintendents.

The school board over the last five or six years has been a group of dilettantes.

If you look closely at the school board meeting minutes you will also find a county commissioner who was ex-officio on the school board and was charged with protecting the taxpayers' interests.

It is very difficult to protect anything if you're absent from the meetings.

These were supposed to be educated, erudite individuals on the board and in the high offices of the school administration.

The amazing part is that the board of education, past and present, still seems impervious to its failings and the top school administrators, past and present, are still collecting exhorbitant salaries or lucrative retirement benefits and perks.

Don't you just love the abuse of your tax dollars?

Jack Winder


Flag represents values in which we take pride

I read the recent letter on the flag ("...or symbol of oppression whose time has passed," Apri1 19) in amusement and dismay. It's a shame that all the author can see in the flag is negative.

All countries and institutions have pieces of their history that they are not particularly proud of. This does not make a symbol and its unique heritage trashworthy.

The American flag is a symbol of our break with the British and becoming a sovereign nation. It is a symbol that overcame the evil practice of slavery.

It is a symbol of the entrance of each state to the union, as it sought statehood and then was proudly be added to a flag.

It symbolized our involvement in aiding Europe to overcome Hitler and his abominable evils.

It has meant so much to wives, mothers and families when a family member in the armed forces _ was killed and they were awarded a flag in honor of the deceased.

The letter's attitude suggested that America has no honor, has shown no responsibility and has no character or history to uphold.

What a shame to carry such an attitude.

My father served his country in the Navy and was on deck at Pearl Harbor.

I was reared to know honor, duty, respect and responsibility to a land that offers so much.

The writer's attitude reflects negativism and a lack of understanding of our history and of the lessons we have learned.

Unfortunately, I see this attitude often.

When I attend sporting events, I see citizens joke and laugh during the National Anthem.

I also see so many citizens lacking compassion and knowledge that anyone died to preserve our freedoms.

I see young people not understanding that there is anything to respect in our country or our people.

Are duty, honor, respect and responsibility dead? I hope not.

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