Just For Parents

April 23, 2000

Advice and strategies to help your children read

The Sun's readers tell their success stories and offer tips on encouraging children to read.

Bath time is book time

"I read to my daughter as she takes her bath each night. She looks forward to this time together when I can totally focus on my reading out loud to her."

-- Susan Joyce, Cockeysville

Book a day in the park

"I find that taking your child to the park and reading is a very good way to relax, enjoy the weather and read."

-- Kevin Abtahi, Columbia

Morning, evening stories

"My kids are teen-agers now, but from the time they were babies, I always read to them first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. This seems to have had an effect on my daughter, who continues to read quite a bit to this day."

-- Stewart Cressin, Richmond

'We take turns'

"When working with beginning readers, we take turns reading the pages. It makes it fun for both of us."

-- Anne Simmons, Glen Arm

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