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April 20, 2000|By Elizabeth Large | Elizabeth Large,SUN RESTAURANT CRITIC

No, it's not the Centre City Restaurant or the Museum Cafe, as has been previously reported in various places in The Sun. Local businessman and former professional lacrosse player Tony Millon is finally opening his restaurant at Charles and Centre streets where the Buttery used to be. The Monument Cafe should be in business by the middle of next month.

"We're just waiting for the inspections," says Millon.

His chef is Jeff Wilfong from Toronto, also a lacrosse player. The two met when they both played for the Boston Blazers. Since then Wilfong has been to culinary school and was head chef at the Ontario Club in Toronto before he came to Baltimore.

The Monument Cafe will be a tavern with fine-dining specials, says Millon. Seventeen beers will be on tap, with 30 bottled beers also available. And in a nod to customers of the Buttery, which was open 24 hours a day, the cafe will serve a traditional American breakfast.

From one cafe to another

Fans of the now-defunct Garden Spot Cafe in Towson will be glad to know that former owner and chef Paul Resko has moved to the kitchen of Louie's Cafe in Mount Vernon. He's changed the menu completely in the last couple of weeks.

New vegetarian dishes include a vegetable cassoulet and a wild-mushroom polenta. Resko's other signature dishes feature meat: grilled Spanish pork medallions, oven-roasted chicken breast with risotto cakes and a "weekend roast" -- rack of lamb or roast pork available on weekends only. Sandwiches at Louie's now come on bread from Stone Mill Bakery, and there are lots of new wraps on the menu such as seafood and avocado.

Readers reply

Letters, I get letters ... Re: Do-It-Yourself Doggie Bags "A good server will give the customer the choice when packaging leftover food. I for one prefer to do my own and know many others who feel the same." (Dodie Callahan) "I do not mind doing it for one reason: twice (in the same restaurant, I might add) when I opened my "boxed in the kitchen doggie bag" I had someone else's leftover meal." (Sonja Esslinger)

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