Avid reader wins 1st place

Student achiever

April 19, 2000

Student achiever: Euisun Chung, 10.

School: Bryant Woods Elementary School.

Special achievement: Winning millennium reading project at school. Read more than 4,000 minutes.

What he says about it: "I was happy because I have only been here from Korea for one and one-half years.

"At first, I had to learn English and could only read baby books. Now I love to read lots of books. The first book I read for the contest was my favorite. It is `Enormous Egg.' "

Other interests: "Not sports -- I hate them. I do like to draw and also won some awards for that."

What others say about him: "He is extremely polite, pleasant, and the school is proud of him," says Assistant Principal Maria McNelis.

What he hates most: "Being called, `Mr. Perfect.' "

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