Puppet performances


April 13, 2000|By Tricia Bishop

"While our shows promote educational objectives, our first priority is to provide an enrtaining performance through the incredible medm of puppetry," says Heidi Rugg, founder of Barefoot Puppets, a 3-year-old Richmond-based company that tours the Mid-Atlantic (www.barefootpuppets.com). With original scripts, puppets and music, the troupe brings folk tales from around the world to life using hand, mouth and rod puppets. Its aim is to enhance literacy, language and cultural understanding. Today it makes appearances at two Harford County libraries, sketching Aboriginal "Tales From Down Under" through Billy, a curious baby platypus. Meet the "Emu Who Flies to the Sun" and the "The Very Thirsty Frog" during the performance. Registration required. Joppa Branch Library: 4 p.m., 655 Towne Center Drive, 410-612-1660; Aberdeen Branch Library: 7:15 p.m., 21 Franklin St., 410-273-5600.

Pub Date: 04/13/00

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