Be a 4Kids detective

April 12, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

* When did McGruff first appear on television?

* When did the Postal Service issue carousel stamps?

* The SmartGrrls' Technology Center is in which state?


Take a bite out of crime by joining McGruff, a dog who loves kids as much as he respects law and order. Sniff out and hang with the crime-fighting canine to learn how to be safe and healthy. The site has some fun activities, including the ABC Maze and the Color Me Scruff coloring book. Or help out McGruff's nephew Scruff as he tries to find his way home without running into danger. You'll also find several Scruff and McGruff comic book stories. If you want to talk to McGruff some more, then send him your thoughts using a way-cool letter writing machine.


If there's one ride you can't miss at your local fair, it has to be the merry-go-round. Ride in circles at Carousel, your carousel information center at . The Carousel Art Gallery has everything from prancing goats to a fairy tale lion. You'll also find amazing photos of carousels from the early 20th century.


Maybe you've played around on a computer or surfed the net a little, or maybe the whole dot-com thing is not in your vocab. Either way, Girlstart is a sparkly cool site to get you more techno wise. Girlstart at opens the fun and the smarts. Learn how to send electronic greetings to your pals and be an interactive game girl. Check out Smartstuff - there you will find everything you need to help you with your homework.

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