Young author is honored in contest

Student achiever

April 12, 2000

Student achiever: Rachael Mueller, 7.

School: Waverly Elementary School.

Special achievement: Received an honorable mention at the state level in Maryland's International Reading Association Council's Young Author's writing contest after winning first place for her school and then Howard County.

What she says about it: "When I found out, I was in shock. I was called to the principal's office, and I thought I had done something wrong until she told me that my story had won an award. I wrote about a Native American girl who goes to a magical pond to save her mom. I live near a lot of streams, and this idea just popped into my head."

How she became a good writer: "I read a lot, go to the library and keep books all over my house. My reading has turned up in my writing."

What her mother says: "I am a bookworm, and so is Rachael. Her father and I are very pleased with what she has accomplished. She was encouraged by other people's congratulations."

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