Helen Ratnoff Plotz, 87, who earned praise for compiling...

Deaths Elsewhere

April 11, 2000

Helen Ratnoff Plotz, 87, who earned praise for compiling and editing almost a score of anthologies of poetry, mostly for young adults, died March 30 at her home in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her anthologies include "The Gift Outright: America and her Poets" (1977) and "Untune the Sky: Poems of Music and the Dance" (1957).

Richard Jackson "Jack" Nance, 64, who wrote songs for Conway Twitty, played with Elvis Presley, and worked with the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, died Friday of lung cancer in Nashville, Tenn. One of his songs, "It's Only Make-believe," which he co-wrote with Mr. Twitty, earned gold-record sales four times in the United States, beginning in 1957.

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